"HIGH END" products containing natural substances of vegetable origin. All products are formulated based on the latest discoveries in cosmetology. We go to great lengths to ensure the quality of our products

Complementing the spa’s total holistic and healthy living philosophy Angel’s touch Skincare and wellness takes pride in our use of exceptionally high quality breath taking products with its essential benefits and results  that not only the best and safe for our valued clients.
 Discover our complete line of organic products and treatments solutions. Find your custom-fit Nelly De Vuyst Skin Care regimen tailored to meet your individual needs, Targeting specific concerns and helping to restore optimum health

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We believe healthy,Vibrant is not a matter of luck or genetics.It's a matter of science,desire and deligence.And armed with the right skincare regimen,everyone can find their best skin.Our products address total skin health,each enhancing of the next,with multi-tiered solutions that allow your skin care system to progress along with your skin.
Vivant® introduces Daily Repair Pads™ with Mandelic Acid. Daily Repair Pads™ are formulated with mandelic acid, niacinamide, and zinc peptides. Daily Repair Pads™ refine the surface of the skin, flush out impacted pores, and lift uneven pigmentation leaving the skin refreshed and prepared for the ultimate rejuvenation… 

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